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Insights on Testosterone Testing

Dec 31, 2014

Insights on Testosterone Testing Men are having their testosterone levels tested more frequently nowadays, but physicians could test more consistently, American researchers report.

Low testosterone (sometimes called “low T”) has gotten more coverage – both in the general media and in medical journals – over the past few years. However, scientists weren’t sure just how many men were having their levels checked.

Produced by the testes, testosterone is a hormone responsible for male characteristics like facial hair and increased muscle mass. It also drives a man’s libido.

Some men have low levels of testosterone because their testes can’t produce enough of it. This may happen because of problems in the testes themselves. It can also occur when signals from the brain that trigger hormone production don’t reach the testes. This condition is called hypogonadism.


Only 5 – 35% of men eligible for testosterone replacement therapy actually receive it. Click here to tweet.



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