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Intervention May Help Men Comply with Injection Therapy

Intervention May Help Men Comply with Injection Therapy Prostatectomy – the surgical removal of the prostate gland – is a “gold-standard” treatment for prostate cancer. However, surgery can damage nerves that are essential for erections, leaving some men with erectile dysfunction (ED) that can take time to resolve. Some nerves take two years to recover.

In the meantime, many men undergo penile rehabilitation therapy, which may include self-injecting medication into the penis to induce erections. The reasoning behind this protocol is that “medication-assisted erections” can help erections come back naturally.

Unfortunately, complying with this therapy can be difficult. The idea of injecting the penis with anything can make men understandably squeamish, and they might not see results right away. The process can be frustrating. Many men feel anxious and avoid the therapy and sexual situations altogether.

A new intervention called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for erectile dysfunction (ACT-ED) could help. In a July 2019 Journal of Sexual Medicine article, experts discussed an ACT-ED pilot study.

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