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Male Childhood Cancer Survivors May Face Sexual Problems, Infertility as Adults

Fortunately, treatments are available for many of these issues. For example, oral medications, injections, and vacuum devices are options for men with ED. And sexual counseling can benefit men with psychologically-based sexual dysfunction. The authors recommended that young men have “a network of multidisciplinary survivorship experts to aid the transition into adulthood.”

The researchers also addressed infertility. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy can have a significant impact on sperm production and sperm quality. Over half of male childhood cancer survivors have trouble producing sperm, the authors reported. Almost a quarter of long-term survivors have low sperm counts or sperm that cannot “swim” effectively.

Doctors can monitor fertility with regular semen analyses. In addition, fertility specialists can work with couples and discuss family planning options. (This article explains cancer’s effects on male fertility in more detail.)


Sexual Medicine Reviews

Sukhu, Troy, MD, et al.

“Urological Survivorship Issues Among Adolescent Boys and Young Men Who Are Cancer Survivors”

(Full-text article in press. Published online: February 4, 2018)

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