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Men with ED May Have Higher Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

The risk of [Parkinson’s disease] was still clearly demonstrated despite this possible confounding effect, but the true risk [for Parkinson’s disease] may be even greater when every ED case can be clearly identified,” they wrote.

The scientists did not know why risk increased for men with ED, but testosterone might be a clue, they said. Past research has shown higher rates of testosterone deficiency in Parkinson’s patients compared to age-matched comparison groups. And for some Parkinson’s patients, motor symptoms have improved with testosterone therapy.

The authors acknowledged that their data did not include information on the men’s diet and exercise habits, weight, education, or smoking status. These factors can be risk factors for Parkinson’s.

More research is still needed, the authors said, writing that in the meantime, “clinicians should already recognize the potential implications of ED and stay vigilant for the onset of [Parkinson’s disease].”


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