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Men with ED More Likely to Have Hip Fractures, Study Reports

Jul 04, 2016

Men with ED More Likely to Have Hip Fractures, Study Reports

Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) have greater chances of getting a hip fracture than men with normal erections, according to new research out of Taiwan.

It might seem like ED and hip fracture wouldn’t have much in common. But the connection might start with coronary heart disease, which occurs when fat deposits called plaques build up on artery walls, restricting blood flow. Both ED and hip fractures are more common in people with coronary heart disease.

Using information from Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Database, scientists analyzed the medical claims records of over 23,000 men. They identified 4,636 men who were diagnosed with ED between 1996 and 2010. They also chose 18,544 men around the same age to serve as a comparison group. All of the men were age 40 and older; their average age was 58 years.

They discovered that 1.27% of the men with ED later had a hip fracture, compared to 0.75% of the men without ED. And overall, the men with ED were over three times more likely to develop a hip fracture. This likelihood increased with age.

Other medical conditions, like high cholesterol, diabetes, and osteoporosis were more common in the men with ED. About two-thirds of these men had high blood pressure. Rates of testosterone use were also higher in the ED group.

Men with ED tended to develop hip fractures in a shorter amount of time, too. Five years was the average; for men without ED, the average was almost eleven years.

Why did men with ED have a greater risk for hip fracture? The researchers weren’t entirely sure, but suggested that imbalance of hormones, such as testosterone, might be one explanation. Men with low testosterone often develop muscle weakness, which can make them more prone to falling.

Other possible explanations could involve osteoporosis, depression, vitamin D deficiency, and heart disease, the authors noted. But further research is needed.

The authors recommended that men with ED have their bone mineral density checked and be careful about falling, especially if they are over 40 years old.

The study was published online in April in PLOS One.


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