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Most Transgender Women Happy With Breast Implants

Most Transgender Women Happy With Breast ImplantsA recent study of transgender women found that most participants were satisfied with breast augmentation surgery, although a third said their implants caused health issues.

The authors encouraged doctors to educate their patients on the advantages and disadvantages of this surgery.

Trans women are assigned as male at birth, but identify as female. Many undergo hormone therapy to help their bodies align with their desired gender. For example, taking hormones might reduce the amount of body hair that males typically have, and it can spur the development of female features, like breasts.

Breast development is important for many trans women. But it’s a gradual process, and it can take years for breasts to form. And even when they do, they might not be as developed as patients would like.

As a result, some trans women decide to have breast augmentation surgery. However, this route can have side effects.

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