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Operative Vaginal Delivery Could Be Linked to Sexual Problems for New Mothers

Apr 19, 2016

Italian scientists decided to investigate the issue further. They wanted to know how three types of delivery affected women’s sexual function: operative vaginal delivery, spontaneous vaginal delivery (done without forceps or vacuum pumps), and caesarian section.

The current study involved 269 women with an average age of 34 who had delivered their first babies by one of the three methods. (In Italy, vacuum extraction is customary in operative vaginal deliveries.)

About three days after childbirth, the women completed a questionnaire about their sexual function during their final trimester of pregnancy. Six months after childbirth, the women answered the same questions about their postpartum period.

Based on their questionnaire scores, about 41% of the women had some degree of sexual dysfunction at the six-month point.

Women who had had operative vaginal delivery were more likely to have trouble with arousal, vaginal lubrication, and orgasm          when compared to those who had undergone caesarian section. They also had more problems with orgasm than those who had had spontaneous vaginal delivery.


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