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Ovarian Cancer Survivors Report Lower Quality of Life

Ovarian Cancer Survivors Report Lower Quality of LifeMany ovarian cancer survivors struggle with changes in sex and relationships, reports a recent study in Sexual Medicine.

Poor quality of life, high rates of depression, poor body image, and low relationship satisfaction were common among the women studied.

Affecting about 1 in 75 women, ovarian cancer is thought to affect women’s sexuality in different ways than other forms of gynecologic cancer. Until now, there has been little research on sexual experiences specific to ovarian cancer survivors, the authors said.

The study had two parts. First, the researchers asked 64 ovarian cancer survivors to complete a group of questionnaires designed to assess quality of life, sexual function and relationships, sexual distress, and depression symptoms.

In the second part, three women sat down with researchers and discussed their experiences with ovarian cancer and sexuality in a focus group.

Based on the questionnaire scores, the researchers found that women with ovarian cancer were more likely to have sexual problems and feel sexual distress than women in the general population. They also had higher rates of depression and were less satisfied with their relationships.

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