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Penile Implants Preferred Over Other ED Therapies

Penile Implants Preferred Over Other ED TherapiesErectile dysfunction (ED) can be treated in several ways, from pills to self-injections to surgical penile implants. Which method is more satisfactory for patients? New research suggests implants.

Generally, ED treatment starts conservatively with medication, and implants are considered a last resort. (Implants are sometimes called penile prostheses.)

Penile implants allow men to create an erection on demand. For example, men with 3-piece inflatable devices have a special pump implanted in their scrotum. To achieve an erection, they squeeze the pump, which triggers fluid to move from a reservoir to cylinders in the penis. The fluid keeps the erection rigid, much like blood does in a natural erection. When men are finished with sexual activity, they just deactivate the pump.

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