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Penile Implants Preferred Over Other ED Therapies

Using an assessment tool called the Self Esteem and Relationship questionnaire, researchers surveyed 55 ED patients to learn more about their treatment satisfaction. On average, the men were in their 60s.

Eighty percent of the men used oral medications [sildenafil (Viagra) or tadalafil (Cialis)]. Another 4% used self-injection therapy, injecting medicine into their penis whenever they wanted to have an erection. The rest had penile implants.

Men with implants had “significantly better” scores on the questionnaire compared to men who used pills or self-injections. And all of the men in the implant group gave their confidence in their sexual performance the best rating. Only 16% of the men without implants rated their confidence that high.

“Prosthesis patients were also less likely to feel like a failure,” the study authors wrote.

The study findings might prompt urologists to offer implant surgery earlier in the treatment process, the authors said. However, more research is needed to determine which patients would benefit an earlier procedure.

The study findings were presented in May at the American Urological Association’s 113th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California.


The Journal of Urology

Davuluri, Meenakshi, et al.

“PD18-06 Sexual Satisfaction of Men with Erectile Dysfunction Treated with Penile Prosthesis Versus Medical Treatment Modalities: Are We Waiting Too Long to Implant?”

(Abstract presented at 113th Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association in San Francisco, May 2018)

PR Newswire

“New studies show promise in understanding more about Erectile Dysfunction”

(Press release. May 19, 2018)

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