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Penile Sensitivity Ratio Could Standardize Assessment

Penile Sensitivity Ratio Could Standardize AssessmentSensitivity in the penis can change with a man’s health. Assessing such changes can be a challenge, as different methods are used. However, researchers have come up with a suggested standardized parameter – the penile sensitivity ratio (PSR) – to make the process easier.

Using the PSR could help physicians determine where a man’s penile sensitivity stands in comparison to other men. It may also help doctors understand sensitivity changes that occur from treatments like surgery or chemotherapy.

Researchers developed the PSR through biothesiometry, an approach used to diagnose and monitor neuropathy (nerve damage). Their study involved 1,239 men with an average age of 53 years. All of the men were patients who were seen at the same clinic for sexual problems. Just over half the men had Peyronie’s disease. Others had diabetes or problems with ejaculation. About 20% said they felt less sensitivity in their penis.

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