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Peyronie’s Disease Surgery: Can Penile Length be Preserved?

Peyronie’s Disease Surgery: Can Penile Length be Preserved?Men with Peyronie’s disease should be aware of possible penile shortening after surgical treatment, experts say. But some procedures might be able to preserve length.

Peyronie’s disease is a benign condition characterized by areas of hardened scar tissue called plaques that form just beneath the skin of the penis. Typically, Peyronie’s disease goes through two phases. During the first (active) phase, men usually experience pain, and their penis starts to curve. In the second (stable) phase, pain tends to subside, but the curve remains, and some men have trouble with erections. Sometimes, the curve is so severe that intercourse becomes impossible.

Not surprisingly, Peyronie’s disease can lead to emotional distress and sexual dissatisfaction. Once the curve has stabilized, many men opt for surgical treatment. However, surgery has some drawbacks, including penile shortening.

This loss of length can worsen emotional distress. Men often associate their penis size with their masculinity. Having it reduced may make them feel like less of a man.

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