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Peyronie’s Disease Surgery: Can Penile Length be Preserved?

So how does surgery affect penile length? A team of scientists reviewed a number of medical studies to find out about the latest developments. They published their findings in the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Plication procedures. These approaches straighten the penis by suturing the side of the penis without plaques. There is usually a minimal amount of shortening; men with severe curvature might have greater length loss.
  • Plaque incision or partial excision and grafting. For this technique, the surgeon makes an incision directly in the plaque(s) and straightens the penis. Then, the surgeon covers the area with graft material. This approach can restore length, but some men have erectile dysfunction afterward.
  • Penile implantation with size restoration. In implant procedures, paired cylinders are placed in the chambers of the penis that fill with blood during erections. These can be manually inflated for an erection. The previously described techniques above can be used at the same time to lengthen the penis to its pre-Peyronie’s length (plaque incision with graft or other techniques), but there could be complications.

Men should understand the pros and cons of their surgery options and discuss their concerns with their surgical team.

The study authors recommended that the more complex procedures be conducted by experienced surgeons only.

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