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Poor Health and Lack of Communication Related to Low Sexual Interest, Study Says

"These findings suggest that for women early sexual experiences may shape future sexual encounters/relationships to a greater extent than for men,” the study authors explained.

They added that healthcare providers might consider relationship and contextual factors when treating patients with low interest.

They also encouraged the inclusion of relationship education to overall sex education “rather than limiting attention only to adverse consequences of sex and how to prevent them.” Doing so, they noted, could help people whose sexual health might be affected by early sexual experiences.


BMJ Open

Graham, Cynthia A., et al.

“What factors are associated with reporting lacking interest in sex and how do these vary by gender? Findings from the third British national survey of sexual attitudes and lifestyles”

(Full-text. Accepted: July 25, 2017)


“Open communication and emotional closeness linked to fewer low sexual interest problems”

(September 13, 2017)

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