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Prostate Cancer Treatment Affects Both Patients and Partners

They found that in addition to erectile dysfunction (ED), low sex drive and difficulties with arousal and orgasm are common in prostate cancer survivors. Partners’ sexual satisfaction often worsens as well. For instance, one study reported that partners rated patients’ erection quality lower than the patients themselves did.

It’s possible that partners may have unrealistic expectations about the patients’ sexual recovery, leading to disappointment over time, the authors explained. However, cancer survival was more important to partners than sexual side effects.

The researchers also found that the mental and physical health of both partners, along with the quality of the communication between them, can affect their relationship satisfaction. When feelings are left bottled up, intimacy can be difficult for both members of the couple.

The way patients perceive their partner’s support may also play a role. Studies suggested that when partners are more cooperative and maintain a positive attitude about sex, it might lessen the sexual impact of prostatectomy.

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