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Relaxation Technique Might Improve Arousal in Women

Feb 27, 2018

The women were instructed to watch two short films. Each film featured three minutes of neutral content (landscape scenery) and six minutes of erotic content that included heterosexual couples engaging in foreplay, cunnilingus (oral sex performed on women), and penetrative intercourse. Each woman viewed the films privately.

In between each film, the women listened to a 22-minute autogenic training recording.

During each session, the women were connected to devices designed to measure their HRV and vaginal blood flow. The women indicated how aroused they felt at different time points.

The researchers found that, in general, the women did feel more sexually aroused after the autogenic training. It’s possible that by improving HRV through this technique, the women became more focused on their own bodies and less distracted by other thoughts. This type of focus – and lack of distraction – can be important in sexual situations.

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