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Sex is OK After Heart Attack, Study Suggests

Nov 17, 2015

Over half of the patients had had sex at least once a week in the year before their heart attack. About 25% had had sex less than once a week. Roughly 5% had had sex less than once a month and almost 15% didn’t have sex at all.

Less than 1% of the participants had sex within an hour of their heart attack. Almost 80% didn’t have sex within the previous 24 hours.

“Based on our data, it seems very unlikely that sexual activity is a relevant trigger of heart attack,” said lead author Dr. Dietrich Rothenbacher in a press release. Dr. Rothenbacher is a professor and chair of the Institute of Epidemiology and Medical Biometry at Ulm University in Germany.

The researchers reported that 100 cardiovascular events occurred among the participants during the ten year follow-up period, but these events were not linked to sexual activity.

“It is important to reassure patients that they need not be worried and should resume their usual sexual activity,” Dr. Rothenbacher said in the statement.

While sexual activity is generally considered safe for heart patients, they should still check with their doctor to be certain.


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