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Sexual Satisfaction After Prostate Cancer Treatment

Sexual Satisfaction After Prostate Cancer TreatmentIn studies of men’s sexual satisfaction after prostate cancer treatment, results are mixed, according to a recent paper in Sexual Medicine Reviews.

The impact of prostate cancer treatments on sexual function vary. For example, men who undergo radical prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate gland) may temporarily lose their ability to have erections. But erections can improve over time. After radiotherapy and androgen deprivation therapy, erections may not get better in the long term.

Erections aren’t the only factor to consider in a man’s overall sexual health, however. Desire, orgasm, and satisfaction are important components, too. In this study, researchers concentrated on satisfaction, which may be related to physical function, but also has psychological, emotional, and social aspects.

“The role of sexual satisfaction in the context of [prostate cancer] is poorly understood because of the trend in research to focus exclusively on sexual (largely erectile) function,” the authors explained.

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