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Stereotactic Radiotherapy: More Research Needed on Sexual Outcomes

Stereotactic Radiotherapy: More Research Needed on Sexual OutcomesMen who undergo stereotactic radiotherapy for prostate cancer may have a shorter treatment time, but they could still face sexual difficulties that are comparable to other forms of treatment, according to new research in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Men with prostate cancer usually have several treatment options available to them, such as hormone therapy (sometimes called androgen deprivation therapy), surgery (radical prostatectomy – removal of the prostate gland), and radiotherapy.

Experts say that over the long term, one treatment isn’t necessarily better than another. So when men go over their options with their cancer care team, they often look at how treatment might affect their quality of life.

Unfortunately, many men develop sexual issues, especially erectile dysfunction (ED), after prostate cancer treatment. Radiation, for example, can damage nerves and other tissues that are essential for firm erections.

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