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Study Addresses Psychological Aspects of Female Sexual Problems

Study Addresses Psychological Aspects of Female Sexual Problems

When treating sexual problems in women, healthcare providers should consider mental health, according to new research in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Women’s sexual response can be quite complex. There are physical manifestations, like arousal, vaginal lubrication, and orgasm. But emotional and psychological issues can disrupt the physical process. For example, a woman who is anxious about a partner’s infidelity may not feel as aroused as before. A woman who is worried about a conflict at work might not be as focused on sexual activity and take longer to reach orgasm.

In the new study, researchers from the University of Ottawa looked at the ways certain psychological factors might influence three sexual outcomes in women:

  • Sexual function – a woman’s physical responses to sexual stimulation
  • Sexual quality of life –emotional and physiologic aspects of sex
  • Sexual frequency –how often a woman engages in partnered or solo sexual activity

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