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Study: Daily Testosterone Gel Might Boost Low Levels, Improve Sex Drive

Apr 05, 2016

In this study, scientists from several continents investigated the effects of a testosterone gel on men’s overall testosterone levels, sex drive, and energy levels.

They worked with 715 men with an average age of 55 years. At the start of the study, all of the men had low testosterone, defined as levels below 300 ng/dL. They also reported having low sex drive, low energy, or both symptoms.

Many of the men had other health conditions. For example, half of them had high blood pressure, and 30% had diabetes. Thirty-eight percent had high cholesterol. Erectile dysfunction was common, too.

The men were randomly assigned to receive either a testosterone gel or a placebo gel. They were instructed to apply the gel to the armpit once a day for twelve weeks.

Periodically throughout the study, the researchers assessed the men’s testosterone levels, sex drive, and energy levels. By the end of the period, 73% of the men who used testosterone had levels in the normal range (between 300 and 1,050 ng/dL), but only 15% of the men in the placebo group had reached this benchmark.


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