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Study: More Men Than Women Bothered by Peyronie’s Disease

Study: More Men Than Women Bothered by Peyronie’s DiseasePeyronie’s disease can deeply affect both men and their female sexual partners, according to a recent study.

Men with this condition have a curve in their penis that can make intercourse problematic. The curve is the result of plaque formation on the penis, just below the skin’s surface. Because plaque areas are hardened tissue, the penis loses some of its flexibility when erect.

In addition to intercourse difficulties, men with Peyronie’s disease may experience pain and erectile dysfunction (ED). Depression and anxiety are common as well, as many men worry about being able to please their partner sexually.

How do women feel about their partner’s Peyronie’s disease?

In this study, researchers investigated the effects of Peyronie’s disease on both men and partners.

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