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Study: Testosterone Therapy Does Not Raise Risk for Heart Attack and Stroke in Healthy Men

Dec 24, 2015

They collected data from 1,472 men with low testosterone. The men were between 52 and 63 years old. None of them had a history of heart disease.

Some of the men received 90 days of testosterone therapy, given as either a topical gel or an injection. The dose brought the men’s testosterone up to normal levels. The rest of the men took no testosterone.

The researchers followed the men for one to three years, paying close attention to the men’s heart health.

They found that the men who took testosterone were not at increased risk for heart attack or stroke.

“In fact, testosterone therapy in this population was shown to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and death, when compared to those men who weren’t taking testosterone supplementation,” said researcher Brent Muhlestein, MD, in a news release. Dr. Muhlestein is the co-director of research at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute.


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