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Survey Reveals the Emotional Impact of Prostate Cancer

Over a third of the men (38%) were in remission at the time of the survey, but for 14%, the cancer had come back at least once.

Follow-up is important for prostate cancer patients, and most the men underwent scans and follow-up tests at least twice a year. The anxiety associated with such testing – wondering whether the cancer would return – can further the emotional impact of the disease.

So can the changes in quality of life. Just over half the men said they had less energy, and 39% were bothered by treatment side effects. Men also expressed concerns that their condition would worsen (38%), that pain prevented them from doing things they enjoyed (34%), and feelings of sadness (33%).

When asked about daily experiences, almost a quarter of the men coped with erectile dysfunction (ED). Back and hip pain, fatigue, and urinary problems were other common effects.

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