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Transgender Men Satisfied with Penile Implants

Jan 09, 2018

Men with severe erectile dysfunction (ED) may opt for an inflatable penile implant if other ED treatments, such as medications, aren’t successful or appropriate. The surgery involves removing the corpora cavernosa and replacing them with cylinders that can be inflated on demand using a special pump that is also implanted into a man’s body. (Read more about penile implants here.)

Researchers wondered how well implants would work for transgender men. They documented the experiences of 247 patients who underwent female-to-male gender reassignment surgery between January 2001 and October 2015. The patients ranged in age from 21 to 69; their average age was 38 years.

All of the men had had a neophallus (a “beginning” penis) surgically created at least a year before their implant surgery. This time frame allowed for physical sensation to build and for any complications to be taken care of.

After implantation, the patients were followed for a median of 20 months.

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