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Want to Increase Your Penis Size? There Could Be Complications

Want to Increase Your Penis Size? There Could Be Complications

Are you or your partner ready to go under the knife for a bigger penis? Would you undergo injections to make it wider? These are just two penis enlargement options men consider, and while some patients find success, experts warn that such procedures can be quite risky.

Penis size has been a concern for men since ancient times. The penis is a symbol of masculinity, and for some, this symbol isn’t as large as they believe it should be. Others worry about pleasing a sexual partner.

Men may also seek penis enlargement if they’ve had birth defects or injuries that impair the function of their penis.

Generally, penis enlargement is accomplished through surgery or injections. But the procedures don’t always go smoothly. Infection, scarring, sexual problems, and penile deformity are just some of the potential complications. Fat injected into the penis can be reabsorbed by the body, and filler materials can move around, leading to an uneven look.

A recent report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine describes the situations of eleven men who needed treatment after their penis enlargement procedure went awry.

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