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What Happens in Women’s Brains During Orgasm?

Nov 07, 2017

In addition, when comparing the periods of orgasm and recovery, the researchers saw significant activation in a part of the brain called the right angular gyrus, which “has been implicated in states of altered perception (i.e., ‘out of body experiences’), which would be related to the ‘altered state of consciousness’ at orgasm,” the authors wrote.

The findings could be useful for healthcare providers who treat patients with orgasmic disorders, they added.

The study was published online last month in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.


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“Do Women’s Brains Shut Off When They Orgasm? A New Study Debunks That Weird Myth”

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“Women's brains do NOT need to 'turn off' in order to orgasm, research shows”

(Updated: October 13, 2017)

The Journal of Sexual Medicine

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