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Why Do Transmen Have Surgery?

Different avenues have their pros and cons. Phalloplasty usually allows for the implantation of a penile prosthesis, if needed, which can make erections easier. But this approach might result in scarring on the arm or leg. Metoidioplasty has fewer complications, but patients can’t always penetrate a sexual partner.

Healthcare providers counsel patients on their options. However, knowing the motivations of transmen – and their feelings after surgery – could help with the conversations. That’s where this study comes in.

The researchers questioned 21 transmen with an average age of 40 about their reasons for surgery and their experiences afterward.

The top motivation for surgery was confirmation of a masculine self-image, reported as “strong” for all the transmen. All of them felt that surgery helped this reach their goal.

About 95% of the transmen said successful sexual intercourse was important for them. About two-thirds said this goal was achieved.

Participants cited other reasons for choosing surgery, too. Many wanted to stand while urinating, to use the men’s bathroom, and to feel comfortable starting new relationships. Most participants attained these goals.

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