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Women’s Desire, Arousal Improved by Sleep

Apr 21, 2015

Women’s Desire, Arousal Improved by SleepGood sleep is important for a woman’s sexual health, American scientists have found.

Their study, recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, showed that in a group of college-aged women, sleep affected desire, genital arousal, and the chances of having sex with a partner the next day.

The 171 women were enrolled in university psychology classes. About half of them had a regular partner. None of them had taken an antidepressant within the previous four weeks. This was important, as antidepressants sometimes have sexual side effects.


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For two weeks, the women submitted daily reports on their sleep and their sexual activity. They told the researchers how long it took to fall asleep the night before, how long they had slept, and whether that sleep was of good quality. On average, the women slept about 7 hours and 22 minutes each night. 


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