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Conditions: Penis Enlargement

Girth Enhancement - Penis Enlargement

There are also several options for widening or thickening the penis.

1. Grafts: A graft is when a healthy tissue is removed from one site on a person’s body and transplanted to another.Penile girth can be increased by placing different types of tissue (like fat or tissue grafts) under the skin of the penis.

2. Fat Injection: Injects biosynthetic fat or fat from another area of the man’s  body area into the penis. Unfortunately, this fat is often reabsorbed within a year or two, or in some cases in a few months. When this happens, the penis returns to its original size. Also, as the fat settles, lumpy deposits sometimes form that can look and feel strange. Therefore, results are only temporary, often leading to the procedure having to be done over again to maintain the results. As a result, doctors often have multiple sessions where they inject less fat each time. This increases the chance for the fat injected to obtain a new blood supply and survive, which also reduces reabsorption and lumps from appearing.

3. Flaps: Involves taking tissue flaps from the surrounding pubic area and repositioning them into incisions made at the base of penis. The end of these flaps that are still attached to the patient are then tunneled under the skin on the shaft of the penis and the other end of the flap is anchored at the far end of the penis (near the head of the penis). The major benefit to this procedure is that since blood supply to the tissue is preserved, survival of the tissue is often good. Unfortunately, because of its complexity, this procedure takes longer than the others. Also, bulging at the turnover area at base of penis sometimes occurs, but this usually reduces over time.

View the SMSNA's Position Statement on Penile Lengthening and Girth Enhancement Surgery here.

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