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Conditions: Peyronies Disease

What is the Curve? The Emotional Impact of Peyronie’s Disease

In Peyronie’s disease, wound healing goes into overdrive and excess amounts of collagen build up inside the penis, just below the surface of the skin. The collagen turns into areas of hardened scar tissue called plaques.

The penis is normally very flexible. However, a penis with plaques loses this flexibility and this is why the bend or curve occurs. The shape of a penis with Peyronie’s disease depends on where the plaques are located and how many there are. A curved shape is most common, but some penises take on an hourglass shape or a hinge effect. Penises can also shorten because of Peyronie’s disease.

For many men with Peyronie’s disease, intercourse becomes difficult. Penetration may become uncomfortable or painful for the man or his partner. In some cases, intercourse becomes impossible.


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