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Conditions: Peyronies Disease

What is the Curve? The Emotional Impact of Peyronie’s Disease

What can be done?

As difficult as Peyronie’s disease is, there are several ways to approach the emotional issues.


Fully understanding Peyronie’s disease is a critical first step. Men are encouraged to learn as much as possible about this condition, from the possible causes to recommended treatments. Talking to a sexual medicine expert is a great place to start. Not only can a doctor help a man with his individual situation, he or she can recommend reliable books, websites, and other printed or audio-visual materials that can explain Peyronie’s disease clearly and put it into context.

Education applies to partners as well. When partners better understand Peyronie’s disease, they can help a man work through the emotional and physical difficulties, provide caring support, and help make decisions that are best for the couple.


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