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Conditions: Premature Ejaculation

Treating Premature Ejaculation

What types of treatment are available for PE?

  • Medications
  • Physical & Psychological Treatment

What kind of doctor takes care of PE?

Many different types of specialists are interested in sexual medicine and PE. The first resource would be the members of this society as they are all committed to excellence in sexual medicine and have a significant part of their practices devoted to this area. But if not possible, generally a urologist or a mental health professional (sex therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist) would be the primary specialists to go to for the treatment of PE.

Remember that psychologists cannot prescribe medications, so if a patient is interested in trying an SSRI medication, a physician will have to be further consulted (urologist, psychiatrist or even a family physician). Of note, the average family physician may not be familiar with the treatment of PE, but simply asking him/her is a good way to find this out. If he/she is not comfortable with the treatment of PE, then they can refer you to the local expert.


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