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Conditions: Premature Ejaculation

Treating Premature Ejaculation

What medications are currently available for PE?

There are no FDA approved medications indicated for the treatment of PE, although, there currently are a number of treatments types used to manage PE.

The risks and benefits of all of the below treatment options should be discussed between the caregiver and the patient, as patient and partner satisfaction is the primary goal in the treatment of PE.

1. Desensitization treatments: these are aimed at reducing the sensitivity of the penis immediately before sexual relations. It is noteworthy to mention that there is no evidence that men with PE have any difference in penis sensitivity than men without PE. Although these techniques work for some men with mild PE, they can cause a reduction in sensitivity so that sexual satisfaction during intimacy is also reduced. Little research has been done on these techniques and their true benefit. Techniques that are employed by some men include:

A. Using condoms: the use of a single condom may reduce sensitivity enough to make a difference in ejaculatory control for some men. Using multiple condoms, however, reduces sensitivity, potentially to the point where the sensation during relations is less than satisfactory for men.

B. Using desensitization ointments: local anesthetics like lidocaine/prilocaine creams can be applied to the undersurface of the head of the penis (the glans) 30 minutes before sex. Desensitization ointments are best applied and then washed off 5-10 minutes before sexual relations, otherwise they will cause a numbing effect for the partner also. Some men use these creams underneath a condom.

C. Masturbating prior to intercourse: many men with PE, even those with primary (life-long) PE, have much better ejaculatory control if they have sexual relations a second time within a short period of time after the initial encounter. Some men use masturbation in the hours before anticipated intimacy as a means to improve ejaculatory control.


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