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Conditions: Prostate Cancer

Suicide Risk among Genitourinary Cancer Patients

Among 1,239,522 patients with these cancers, 2,268 patients committed suicide.

About 71% of these suicides were committed by prostate cancer patients, followed by 19% for bladder cancer patients and 6% by kidney cancer patients.

The authors also found the following:

  • Suicides among prostate cancer patients increased over time, with the highest incidence at least fifteen years following diagnosis.
  • More patients with bladder cancer took their lives within the first five years after diagnosis than any other time.
  • Kidney cancer patients were more likely to commit suicide during the first five years after diagnosis, but the incidence for this group decreased over time.
  • Male sex was strongly associated with higher suicide rates among bladder and kidney cancer patients.
  • Patients with prostate, bladder, or testis cancer were more likely to commit suicide as they got older.
  • Suicide incidence rates among African-Americans with prostate, bladder, or kidney cancer were lower than those of white patients with these cancers. However, rates were higher for African-American patients with bladder cancer.

Overall, the authors noted that bladder and kidney cancer patients were at the highest risk for suicide.


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