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Patient Toolkit

The Patient Toolkit contains information on FDA-approved medications and implants.


Life After Prostate Cancer

Life After Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Brochure

Prostate Cancer

ED Patient Guide

Coloplast ED Patient Guide


Find Your ED Cure video

Find Your ED Cure


Titan Touch Animation from Anthony Rehl on Vimeo.


Patient Testimonial Video from Anthony Rehl on Vimeo.


Materials viewable in this section of SexHealthMatters have been contributed by Sponsors of the SMSNA Foundation and reviewed by SMSNA Website Committee for the purposes of patient education. SMSNA requires that medications and prosthetics discussed are FDA approved for use in the United States. The SMSNA Foundation and SMSNA are not endorsing the medications or prosthetics displayed. Investigational Procedures and Therapeutics are not shown. Patients are advised to consult an expert in sexual medicine or surgery to enhance their understanding of risks and benefits of treating their sexual dysfunctions – link for Find a Provider.