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What Are The Different Types Of Penile Implants?

Meet Dr. Ajay Nehra

Are There Side Effects To Testosterone Treatments?

Meet Dr. Ira Sharlip

Can MUSE Help Me? ED Medication Did Not Work

Meet Dr. Abraham Morgentaler

Could My Lifestyle Choices Be Causing Or Affecting My ED?

How Does An Erection Work?

How Do You Check For Testosterone?

A Relationship Between Erectile Dysfunction And Heart Disease?

How Do Doctors Choose Treatment For Prostate Cancer Patients?

Meet Dr. Craig Donatucci

How Long Do Implants Work For?

Who Decides Which Patients Need An Implant?

How Common Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Is There A Relationship Between Testosterone And Prostate Cancer?

Could I Have Andropause? What Is It?

Starting Testosterone Treatment: Will I Need Frequent Checkups?

The Testosterone Cream: Will It Come Off On My Partner Or Others?

What Kinds Of Tests Are Done For Low Testosterone?

What Might Be Causing My Low Sexual Desire?

What Might Be Causing My Low Sexual Desire? Part 2

What Are The Differences Between The Three Sex Pills?

How do I learn the technique of penile injection therapy?

How do you insert the urethral pellet medication for ED?

What Can Interfere With The Normal Functioning Of An Erection?

How Important Is It To Get The Partner Involved?

Dr Andrew McCullough How is ED treated

I have trouble keeping my erection. Is there help for this?

I’ve had a prostatectomy and natural erections may take months?

I’ve tried the three pills for ED. What’s next for me?

Dr Andrew McCullough Introduction

Dr Andrew McCullough Introduction2

Dr Andrew McCullough Is intraurethral therapy safe for my partner

Is there testing I should have to diagnose my ED if pills fail?

Penile injections sounds painful. Who would consider that for ED?

Dr Andrew McCullough Should I take my ED pill with a meal

How long does it take different ED medications to take effect?

There are three pills for ED. Are they all the same?

What happens when ED medication doesn’t work or stops working?

Dr Andrew McCullough What is erectile dysfunction

Dr Andrew McCullough What is first line therapy

Dr Andrew McCullough What is the best pill for me and my partner

Dr Andrew McCullough Why didn’t the ED pills work for me

Will my erections return after surgery for prostate cancer?

Will ED pills or penile injections cause a prolonged erection?

Dr Craig Donatucci I’ve tried the three pills for ED What’s next

Dr Craig Donatucci What is a penile implant or prosthesis

Dr Craig Donatucci What should I know before I get an implant

Will a penile implant make a difference for my partner?

Dr Gerald Brock How do I treat my ED after prostate cancer

What are the side effects of prostate cancer treatments?

Dr Gerald Brock What is involved in penile rehabilitation

Dr Gerald Brock What is penile rehabilitation

What is the risk of prostate cancer among family members?

What options are available for treating prostate cancer?

When can I expect normal erectile function after prostate cancer?

How does the National Institutes of Health define ED?

Dr Hossein Sadeghi Nejad How long do the ED pills last

Dr Hossein Sadeghi Nejad How quickly will the ED pill work

What can you do about ED while working on lifestyle issues?

Will my ED improve if I address my lifestyle issues?

Dr Hossein Sadeghi Nejad Introduction

Dr Hossein Sadeghi Nejad Just how do these sex pills for ED work

Dr Ira Sharlip Just how do these sex pills for ED work

Dr Ira Sharlip There are three pills for ED aren’t they the same

Dr Ira Sharlip What are the side effects of these medications

What can I do to prevent myself from getting an infection?

Dr Ira Sharlip What if the sex pills don’t work

How long do men with ED usually wait before they see a doctor?

Dr Lawrence Hakim How will my partner respond to a penile implant

Dr Lawrence Hakim Introduction

Dr Lawrence Hakim What are penile implants

ED following prostate cancer treatment

What factors would affect which kind of penile implant I get?

What is the role of the partner in choosing treatment for ED?

Dr Lawrence Hakim What other treatment options are available

Dr Lawrence Hakim What should I know before I get an implant

Dr Lawrence Hakim What’s involved in the surgery

Will a penile implant change the way my partner feels during sex?

Will the penile implant change the way my penis feels during sex?

Dr Ridwan Shabsigh How is testosterone given

Can testosterone treatment make Viagra more effective for me?

Possible Symptoms of Low Testosterone: Sadness & Low Energy

Possible Symptoms of Low Testosterone: Tiredness & Low Sex Drive

Dr Ridwan Shabsigh Introduction

Options and Risks For Treatment of Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone and Other Health Conditions

Options for Testosterone Treatment

Dr Ridwan Shabsigh What does testosterone do for my body

If ED drugs don’t work for me is testosterone the answer?

The Impact Of Obesity On Erectile Dysfunction

What Screening Tests Should Be Used For Erectile Dysfunction?

Is It True That ED Is A First Sign Of Cardiovascular Disease?

Sexual Health and Cardiovascular Disease

Optimizing Communication About ED With Your MD

Tricks And Tools To Select The Best Pill For ED

SMSNA Town Hall Meeting: Part 8 of 47

Is There A Best Pill For ED?

Is The Cause Of ED The Same For Young And Old?