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Sex After Cancer

How Might Cancer Treatment Affect Sexual Function

An overview of how cancer treatment can affect sexual function.

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The Effects of Chemo/Radiation/Surgery on the Body

What cancer patients should know about how chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery can impact parts of the body that have nothing to do with the cancer.

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Preserving Sexual Life and Feeling for Cancer Patients

A discussion of options for preserving sexual life and feeling for cancer patients who are in treatment or who have recently completed it.

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Oncologists’ Assumptions About Cancer Survivors’ Sex Lives or Desire for Children

Oncologists may make assumptions about cancer patients' sex lives, or desire for children, so it's important for patients to discuss these issues with their providers.

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Preserving Sex Life and Fertility for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients can be proactive in preserving their sex lives and fertility options by keeping informed about rehabilitation therapies and hormone monitoring, among other things.

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Pre-Treatment Sex and Fertility Counseling

Typically cancer patients and survivors are referred to sexual health and/or fertility counseling after treatments are finished but it would be beneficial for patients to receive counseling prior to beginning treatment.

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