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Conditions: Anejaculation

Treating Anejaculation

The probe is placed into the rectum next to the prostate and stimulations are performed for five to seven minutes, during which the stimulus is progressively increased until the man ejaculates. The semen specimen is then collected, processed and analyzed for sperm quality.  If sperm quality is high enough, then the sperm can be used for artificial insemination.

Although about 90% of men successfully ejaculate with electroejaculation, retrograde ejaculation occurs in about a third. If insufficient amounts of semen are obtained, urine is checked for the presence of sperm. If present, the semen is then extracted from the bladder for artificial insemination.

The major downfall with electroejaculation is that semen quality is often poor, although semen quality often improves after repeated ejaculations. Therefore, electroejaculation is usually the second choice treatment only after repeated sessions of vibratory stimulation fail. When electroejaculation also fails, or if the quality of the sperm obtained from this procedure is too poor, many couples resort to in vitro.

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