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Conditions: Delayed Ejaculation

Treating Delayed Ejaculation

There are several treatments for retarded ejaculation. Treatment is mainly determined by the suspected cause of the problem.

If a prescribed medication is suspected to be the cause of the man’s retarded ejaculation, finding an alternative prescription with a doctor’s guidance can usually solve the problem. Certain essential prescriptions can neither be removed nor replaced, though, so never discontinue a prescribed medication without consulting the prescribing physician.

Since delayed ejaculation and erection problems are very common among excessive drinkers, the solution to this is simple: limit drinking. The same is true of individuals whose use of illicit drugs is the suspected cause of their delayed ejaculation.

Since many experts think that the majority of delayed ejaculation problems are due to psychological causes, counseling and sex therapy with a licensed professional specializing in this area is the primary treatment for restoring complete sexual function.

Generally, the object of all psychological therapy is to gradually diffuse the man's sexual anxieties so that he can comfortably climax inside his partner without difficulty.

If the man is not able to get to the point where he is able to ejaculate inside the vagina, but the couple wishes to have a child, these couples can achieve pregnancy through several measures.

These men can produce an ejaculate by the use of electrical stimulation of the prostate area, called electroejaculation, following which in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be done to conceive. If this is not successful and fertility is still a concern, it is also possible for a trained physician to extract sperm from the testicles and use artificial insemination in order to initiate pregnancy. If artificial insemination fails, IVF (egg-sperm fertilization in a test tube and then inserted into uterus of mother) or single sperm injection can be attempted.

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