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Men and Partners Weigh In on Ejaculatory Times

Men and Partners Weigh In on Ejaculatory TimesWhat are typical ejaculation latency times? In other words, how long does it take the average man to ejaculate after penetrating a partner? And what time frame counts for premature ejaculation (PE)? How soon is too soon?

Scientists have different answers for these questions. But recently, researchers asked men and their partners for their own perspectives.

They surveyed a group of 1,065 participants worldwide that included men of different sexual orientations and women who had sex with men. Some of the men had premature ejaculation, and some did not.

The group was asked four main questions:

1.   How long do you think most men “last” after vaginal or anal penetration (not including foreplay)?

2.   What is the ideal length for penetrative sex?

3.   What threshold should be used to define premature ejaculation?

4.   (For men only) What is your typical time between penetration and ejaculation?

For the overall group, the answers were as follows:

1.   The time between penetration and ejaculation averages 8.31 minutes.

2.   The ideal length is 14.51 minutes. (This ideal amount differed between men and women. On average, men said they’d like penetration to last 16.23 minutes, but the women would have preferred 13.36 minutes.)

3.   Men who ejaculated in less than 2.5 minutes would be considered to have PE.

4.   Men said they typically ejaculated in 9.4 minutes.

Many clinicians diagnose PE when men ejaculate within one minute, the authors noted. The study results might lead experts to rethink that time frame, however.

If you’re a man who ejaculates before you’d like to, talk to your doctor.


The Journal of Sexual Medicine

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(Full-text. Published: June 4, 2020)