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Did You Know?

Sex after Penectomy

Some men who have had a penectomy – partial or total penis removal - can still feel sexual pleasure.

A penectomy is often performed on men who have penile cancer. The amount of the penis removed depends on the severity of the cancer. Some men have only the tip of their penis removed. For others with more advanced cancer, the entire penis must be removed.

Many men who have had a partial penectomy can still become sexually aroused, even though the glans, the most sensitive part of the penis, has been removed.  They can have an erection with the shaft that remains and still have intercourse. These men can also reach orgasm and ejaculate.

For men who have undergone total penectomy, sex is much more difficult. These men can no longer have intercourse. They can sometimes reach orgasm if the sensitive areas around the scrotum are stimulated. They can also bring their partners to orgasm through touching and oral sex. These couples may need to experiment to find out what works best for them.

Having a penectomy is often a hugely emotional and difficult experience for men and their partners. In addition to the physical adjustments that must be made, many men feel sexually inadequate. Some avoid sex because they are ashamed and embarrassed. Counseling can help men work through these issues.