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Transgender Adolescents and Body Changes

Transgender Adolescents and Body ChangesPeople with gender dysphoria feel a mismatch between their birth gender and the gender they identify with. The situation can be particularly distressing for adolescents, whose bodies are developing secondary sex characteristics, like facial hair and breasts, that do not align with their gender identity.

Many transgender adolescents start hormone therapy around age 12. The first step involves suppressing the effects of puberty. This gives kids more time to decide how they feel about their gender and whether they want to go forward with a complete transition.

At age 16, they may begin taking hormones to start developing characteristics of their desired gender. Females who identify as males start taking testosterone, and males who feel more female take estrogens. In this way, individuals can begin looking like their true selves.

To what degree does hormone therapy lead adolescents to their goal? A recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine explored this question in terms of body composition and shape.

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