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Did You Know?

Transgender Adolescents and Body Changes

Researchers analyzed the medical records of 71 transwomen (undergoing male-to-female transitions) and 121 transmen (undergoing female-to-male transitions). They looked at body changes over time and compared results at age 22 to the body types of ciswomen and cismen of the same age. (The prefix cis- refers to people who are not transgender.)

They found that over time, transwomen were closer to the average body shape of a ciswoman by age 22. Transmen’s measurements fell in between those of ciswomen and cismen.

The researchers also found that approximations were closer in people who started hormone therapy earlier.

The results can help transgender patients understand what to expect from therapy as they move toward adulthood, the authors said.


The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Klaver, Maartje, MD, et al.

“Early Hormonal Treatment Affects Body Composition and Body Shape in Young Transgender Adolescents”

(Full-text. February 2018)

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