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Drug Found to Clear Genital Psoriasis in Most Patients

Ixekizumab is currently used to treat psoriasis in general, but the effects on genital psoriasis had not been widely studied.

Funded by Eli Lilly and Company, the ixekizumab trial involved 149 men and women with moderate to severe genital psoriasis. About half were assigned to receive an injection of ixekizumab once every two weeks for twelve weeks. The rest received a placebo injection for the same duration.

Some of the patients started seeing improvements in the first week. After twelve weeks, psoriasis had either cleared or almost cleared for 73% of the patients who received ixekizumab, compared to just 8% of the placebo group. Sixty percent of the treatment group and 8% of the placebo group reported less itchiness.

Seventy-eight percent of the treatment group said that their psoriasis had little or no effect on how often they had sex. For the placebo group, the figure was 21%.

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