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Experts: Testosterone Therapy Has More Benefits than Risks

Jun 09, 2015

Currently, testosterone replacement therapy is FDA-approved only for men with hypogonadism – low testosterone that results when men’s bodies can’t make enough testosterone on their own. This can happen if there are problems with the testes, glands that produce testosterone. It may also occur if the pituitary gland in the brain can’t send signals to trigger testosterone production.

Men’s testosterone levels naturally decline as they age, leading to low libido, weakness, and mood changes.

Some doctors prescribe testosterone therapy to these men as well, even though it has not been approved for this use.

“Any patient being considered for testosterone replacement therapy should undergo a thorough diagnostic work-up. The decision to replace testosterone therapy should be guided by the signs, symptoms and testosterone concentrations rather than the underlying cause,” said endocrinologist Sandeep Dhindsa, MD, in an AACE press release.


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