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Nomograms May Help Physicians Counsel Prostate Cancer Patients

Nomograms May Help Physicians Counsel Prostate Cancer Patients Evidence-based models called nomograms might help prostate cancer patients understand what their erections could be like after treatment.

Nowadays, most men with prostate cancer receive their diagnosis in the earlier stages of the disease. And more men are living longer after treatment. Many remain sexually active well into their older years.

Radical prostatectomy (surgery to remove the prostate gland) is an effective treatment. However, the prostate is surrounded by nerves that are essential for good erections. As a result, some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED) can be expected, at least temporarily, after surgery.

To what extent? Unfortunately, urologists don’t have a crystal ball to determine how well a man will have erections after prostatectomy. Nomograms could provide an educated guess.

Researchers developed three nomograms for this purpose and explained their process in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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