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Some Men Regret Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions

Aug 28, 2017

Among the men who regretted their treatment decisions, 39% reported sexual problems and 8% had trouble with their bowels.

Men who were older at the time of their diagnosis and those who felt they’d been informed about their treatment options were less inclined to have regret.

The study authors stressed the need for open communication between doctors and prostate cancer patients, with thorough discussions on all treatment options, their advantages, and their disadvantages.

“Regret was a relatively infrequently reported outcome among long-term survivors of localized prostate cancer; however, our results suggest that better informing men about treatment options, in particular, conservative treatment, might help mitigate long-term regret,” the authors wrote.

“These findings are timely for men with low-risk cancers who are being encouraged to consider active surveillance,” they added.


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