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Transgender Men Satisfied with Penile Implants

Jan 09, 2018

At follow-up, about 57% of the men still had their original device. Forty-three percent had had to have revision surgery because of infection, mechanical failure, or dissatisfaction.

After five years, 78% of the implants were still working. However, the authors noted that implants in neophalluses tend to have a shorter life span and that patients may need revision surgery later on.

One hundred four people completed a patient and partner satisfaction survey. Of these respondents, 83% of the patients said they were satisfied with penile sensation after the implant. Just over three-quarters could have penetrative intercourse, and 61% could reach orgasm.

While the results are encouraging, the authors added that implant surgery is complex and should be done by highly-skilled surgeons.


BJU International

Falcone, Marco, et al.

“Outcomes of inflatable penile prosthesis insertion in 247 patients completing female to male gender reassignment surgery”

(Full-text. Published online: October 20, 2017)

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