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Conditions: Penis Enlargement

Lengthening - Penis Enlargement

Two procedures can be used for elongation, which makes the penis look longer.

1.     Liposuction: Reduces fat around the base of the penis in order to expose more of the base area of the penis, therefore giving an appearance of greater length. This technique is performed primarily in obese men when their protruding belly conceals some of the base of their penis. The amount of fat that can be extracted in liposuction varies in each man. In some men, fatty tissue may have to be cut out.

2.   Ligament Release: Cuts the suspensory ligaments to expose the portion of the base of the penis that is found behind the pubic bone. A ligament is a band of tissue that holds the penis closer up against the pubic bone. Detaching the penis from these ligaments releases this portion of the penis from the base, freeing more of the penis to hang from the pelvis, giving it the appearance of greater length. However, some men find that they do not gain any length during erection after having this surgery. After surgery, patients need to attach external weights to their penis in order to prevent re-attachment of the ligament to the pubic bone so that their additional penile length gain is reversed. Sometimes, fat from other areas of the man’s body is placed in the area of ligament release to also prevent re-adherence. Other techniques with tissue expanders are sometimes used.

View the SMSNA's Position Statement on Penile Lengthening and Girth Enhancement Surgery here.

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